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It can often feel like keeping your day-to-day automated business processes running is a major source of disruption and pain, especially when it comes time for an upgrade. Why is upgrading and maintaining your automation systems so stressful? It shouldn’t be.

The problem with most automation tools is that you’re responsible for everything about them. You own their full technology stack, from networking, storage, servers and operating systems through to automation data and client applications. .

Putting your IT at risk

It can be a lot of work to maintain many automation systems – none of which delivers value to your business. With most, beyond all the effort, there is also risk and downtime to contend with.

As a simple example, a single update to some automation tools can require a chain of other updates to support it. First, the OS needs an update, then the database driver, then each agent individually, and then the core system. This multiplies the effort, risk and downtime that an update involves.

Worse, you may have to make difficult choices along the way when important security patches are released for the OS or middleware that aren’t compatible with or supported by your automation tool. Do you leave the vulnerability unpatched or apply the patch and risk disruption? No matter your decision, you lose.

Finding your automation happy place

With Redwood’s RunMyJobs® SaaS-based workload automation, the effort and stress of keeping your workload automation system updated can become a thing of the past.

RunMyJobs eliminates the effort and time you spend updating and maintaining your automation system, reducing the risks and costs of operations. We do everything for you, and upgrades complete in minutes.

How can RunMyJobs do this? As a SaaS solution, it doesn’t require dedicated infrastructure, so there’s no need to buy, license or deal with compatibility between hardware, OS, databases or middleware. Users don’t need to install anything to use the system – everything is securely accessed through a web browser. And agents automatically update themselves everywhere. Did we mention this all completes in minutes?

With RunMyJobs, you can escape the misery of maintenance, and get to your automation happy place.

Find out how RunMyJobs can help you eliminate the painful administration so you can focus on automation that benefits your business.

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