Business Process Automation

Automate and orchestrate every IT and business process across your enterprise with Redwood’s unified, cloud-native platform.

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Succeed in the digital age with Redwood's orchestration and business process automation platform

Redwood is built on a single powerful platform that enables enterprises to bring IT and business needs together, streamline processes, and eliminate gaps in performance and operational workarounds. With Redwood’s automation and orchestration, all stakeholders will gain better visibility and control, greater efficiency, and higher performance in modern hybrid IT environments.

A Single Cloud-Based Solution For IT, Finance And Business Processes

With Redwood, IT teams can schedule and run essential event-driven workloads, manage permissions, file transfers and data, and orchestrate across applications and other automation tools like robotic process automation (RPA) in one centralized SaaS platform.

Finance teams can automate crucial back-office processes such as purchase orders and period-end close through an intuitive user interface, reducing or even eliminating manual tasks, data retrieval and Excel spreadsheets.

Enterprises in every industry — from manufacturing, utility, retail, and biotech to healthcare, banking, and aerospace — rely on Redwood. Our low-code business process automation software is at the core of critical business needs and operations such as forecasting, replenishment, procurement, reconciliation, financial close, Order to Cash, billing, reporting, content management, and more.

Native Cloud as SaaS

  • Focus on automation, instead of administration, with the only business process automation solution purpose-built for delivery as SaaS
  • Ensure resilient automation with Redwood’s single-tenant cloud architecture, enterprise-grade scalability and guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Expand and scale on demand: All capabilities and application connectors are included with simple pay-for-what-you-use pricing plans

Data Orchestration Across Silos

Redwood works with your existing applications to streamline processes for any use case. Automate and monitor applications across the enterprise regardless of technology or provider (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Workday, Infor).

  • Business Processes Automation: Orchestrate ERP, CRM, employee onboarding, business intelligence, financial services, ECM and more
  • Managed File Transfers: Securely move, copy and manage millions of files per month over unsecured networks and between any endpoints
  • Data Warehousing: Seamlessly manage data from across the enterprise, including big data for artificial intelligence, ETL, cloud-native databases and more
  • Hybrid IT: Connect business processes to IT systems, configure VMs and provision resources in real-time to ensure success and eliminate delays

Modular Automation

  • Develop business process automation rapidly with reusable steps, templates, calendars and other elements
  • Create processes with drag-and-drop graphical tools, an extensive library of ready-to-use templates, wizards, calendars and schedules, and over 25 scripting languages and interfaces
  • Eliminate needless duplication, ensure consistency, and reduce errors

Event-Driven Workflow Automation

  • Respond in real time to business events to gather better data for more informed decisions and better customer and user experience, without manual errors
  • Execute automatic business processes on detected source files, data entry, events, or messages from apps, systems, AI, and more
  • Orchestrate across processes and systems through context-aware logic, automating exception-handling for hands-free workflow management and remediation

Process Monitoring And Visualization

  • View real-time status overviews, dashboards, and visual progress of every business process end-to-end in a single interface
  • Send alerts and notifications to stakeholders through email, SMS, apps and integration with ticketing systems
  • Receive predictive SLA notifications before processes miss deadlines, enabling resolution of issues before they impact the organization

Business / IT Self-Service

  • Empower users to confirm, request and interact with automation through self-service native web forms and email processing
  • Publish any automated business process as interactive web service endpoints for user-friendly integration
  • Build consumable automation services or microservices with native SOA APIs and formats

Governance / Compliance

  • Establish a comprehensive audit trail with automatic logging of all process and user activity
  • Enforce fine-grained data, business rules and access policies, including SSO/SAML 2.0+, and logically isolate departments, applications, or business units
  • Manage the complete DevOps lifecycle of automated processes with integrated version control, cross-environment deployment, and integration with source management platforms such as GitHub


  • Connect to systems securely with TLS 1.2+ encryption that originates from your enterprise network to the cloud without exposing ports
  • Avoid unnecessary and expensive uploads by processing data in place and retaining output data such as spool files in your environment
  • Trust Redwood’s ISO 27001 certified and third-party pen-tested platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPA software?

Business process automation tools (BPA) are used to automate and manage key tasks that support business operations and customer-facing processes. BPA software evolved from business process management (BPM), focusing on business process automation especially in cloud-native environments. BPA solutions can be highly extensible, connecting with any other system or application across the enterprise. Business process automation software solutions like Redwood also orchestrate processes and the resources they rely on, for end-to-end control and visibility. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

What is an example of business process automation?

Business process automation is used to automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks that support key business functions. Business process automation software can drastically improve runtime efficiency and eliminate human error and delays, creating highly reliable processes that make data and reporting more accurate and timely. BPA is also used for process optimization to further reduce the risk of issues. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

Can Redwood be used for business process automation?

Yes, Redwood is a workload automation platform with built-in capabilities that can automate almost any finance or business process. This includes automating business intelligence processes, journal entry, month-end and financial close tasks, content management, bank reconciliations, managed file transfers, CRM, ERP and much more. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

Which is the best business process automation software?

Redwood is the premier business process automation software supporting some of the world’s biggest global brands with unparalleled customer service, delivering a 24x365 global support network.

In a business process automation software comparison, Redwood leads the industry. Our experienced R&D teams are constantly delivering new integrations and innovative features so you can stay agile and focus on high-value initiatives. See what you can achieve with Redwood. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

Are there other business process automation tools?

While there are other business process automation tools on the market, like Kissflow, and other software solutions that eliminate manual processes and assist with project management, Redwood is considered by many to be the best business process automation software. See what you can achieve with Redwood.

How can business process automation software help my company?

Business process automation software can help your company in several ways:

  1. Improve Efficiency & Accuracy: Automating repetitive tasks reduces human error and the need for manual effort and intervention, giving team members more time to focus on higher-value tasks.
  2. Increase Productivity: Automating business processes leads to faster completion of workflows without the need for manual effort to address issues and trigger processes.
  3. Reduce Cost: Automated business processes reduce labor costs by allowing resources to automate repetitive tasks and instead focus their existing staff on more complex tasks.
  4. Enhance Customer Experience: Proactive error identification and resolution helps ensure that customer SLAs are met and any issues are remediated before they can impact the business.
  5. Streamline Data Management: Automate your organization’s data analytics and reporting processes to more quickly deliver real-time data to the business and improve decision-making.

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With Redwood’s cloud-native automation and orchestration platform, your business can transform to better meet the challenges of the hybrid, digital enterprise. Achieve more through automation: more efficiency, more resiliency, more flexibility, more customer loyalty, and more opportunity. Let our team show you why thousands of leading organizations worldwide rely on Redwood to help them excel in the digital age with the best business process automation software.

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