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Build reusable automation with low-code wizards, templates and a drag‑and‑drop UI
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Start processes based on real-time events or data without complex scheduling
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Receive alerts before deadlines are missed and view processes in real time
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Add conditional logic that prevents errors or resolves them automatically
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Automate Anything Anywhere

  • Easily automate processes across on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Centralize orchestration of automation for SAP, Oracle and other ERP systems
  • Securely manage file transfers from anywhere to anywhere with fully-integrated MFT
  • Use built-in SLA monitoring to guarantee critical business process deadlines
  • Coordinate and manage your data pipelines to Redshift, Hadoop, Snowflake and more
  • Incorporate REST or SOAP web services in minutes with simple API wizards
  • Publish automated processes as microservices or interactive service endpoints
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Simplify With SaaS

Redwood’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution includes everything you need to orchestrate your entire enterprise, without all the infrastructure costs and effort. It’s why Redwood’s process automation is recognized as the “Best SaaS Workload Automation Solution” by analysts Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA).

All Connectors Included
Automate any application using out of the box connectors, without additional licensing
Fully-hosted Infrastructure
Eliminate the complexity, costs and endless maintenance lifecycle for automation infrastructure
Uncompromising Security
Protect your processes and data through full encryption and a security-first, single-tenant design
Simple Pricing Plans
Easily scale your automation with Redwood’s pay-for-what-you-use pricing plans

As the UK’s leading hotel company, operating more than 700 hotels, our business never stops. We quickly migrated from CA AutoSys and SAP® RemoteWare job schedulers to Redwood, automating 1.3 million business-critical file transfers a month. We never miss a single transaction.

Rob Smith, Project Manager, Whitbread
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RunMyJobs Workload Automation FAQs

What is Redwood’s Job Scheduling Tool?

Redwood’s Job Scheduling tool is designed to help IT automate tasks based on factors like date-and-time, events, or other triggering methods. Redwood’s job scheduling tool, RunMyJobs, helps automate workflows, reduces the need for manual kick-offs, and gives its users extra time to focus on projects that require more attention. Businesses can use Redwood’s RunMyJobs job scheduling tools across multiple departments to optimize their workflows.

What's the Best Job Scheduling Software?

  1. Redwood Workload Automation
  2. ActiveBatch
  3. BMC Control-M
  4. Broadcom CA Workload Automic
  5. StoneBranch
  6. SMA OpCon
  7. Jams Schedulers
  8. IBM Workload Automation

How Does Job Scheduling Work?

Job scheduling works by creating processes that allocate resources to various tasks by an operating system. Job scheduling tools can help automate workflows and create processes for businesses.

How Does RunMyJobs Workload Automation Work?

The solution allows users to schedule processes to take place on their own and become part of a chain or queue of processes. These tasks are then handled by our process servers that securely communicate with your target systems to complete them. Learn more about Workload Automation