Centralize and automate with journal entry automation from Redwood

Standardize journal entry creation while automatically managing approvals, calculations, validations and ERP postings.

Advantages of journal entry automation software

  • Process efficiency

    Automatically populate journal entry templates instead of time-consuming manual data entry, saving time and enhancing accuracy.

  • Centralized governance

    Centralize journal entries for better transparency to your finance teams for your month-end close and ensure compliance monitoring and control.

  • Sophisticated approvals

    Configure real-time rule-based approval workflows based on multiple parameters like accounts, cost centers and values.

  • Fraud prevention

    Automatically post approved entries to ERP with no manual work, maintaining full audit trails.

  • Seamless ERP integration

    Automatically post approved entries to ERP with no manual work, maintaining full audit trails.

With Redwood, Faurecia was able to successfully automate 32,000 global manual journal entries per month and onboard 1,300 end users from both the controlling and GBS teams. 80% of journal entries are now automated, leaving only human review and approvals tasks.

Christophe MacGarry, Global Finance Transformation Director, Faurecia.
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Solution overview

  • Template population

    Automatically populate journal entry templates from various sources instead of spreadsheet-based data entry.

  • Approval workflows

    Configure approval rules and matrices based on accounts, cost centers, transaction categories and values.

  • Pre-ERP validation

    Validate entries against the ERP chart of accounts and other codes before posting.

  • Auto ERP posting

    Once approved, automatically post entries to ERP with no manual work.

  • Audit trails

    Maintain full audit trails with all supporting documents and approvals stored.

Trusted by leading companies

Our satisfied customers include major global corporations, showcasing the trust and reliability of journal entry automation by Redwood for their financial close processes.


52% of finance professionals believe they spend too much time on transaction processing

FSN Research “The Future of the Finance Function”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does automating journal entries benefit financial close and reporting?

Journal entry solutions for automation accelerate closing by reducing manual work, improving accuracy and allowing faster transaction processing.

What key capabilities does Redwood offer for journal entry automation?

Redwood provides template population, rule-based approvals, pre-ERP validations and audit trails for end-to-end automation.

Can you automate complex journal entries like accruals?

Yes, all journal types, including complex accruals, provisions and calculations.

How does the centralization of journal entries help compliance?

Centralization increases transparency, consistency and ease of monitoring and auditing for enhanced governance.

Is any manual work still needed with automated journal entries?

Minimal work remains for exception-based review before automated posting to ERP systems.

Does the solution integrate journal entry automation with subprocesses?

Yes, the solution integrates seamlessly with supplementary tasks like supporting calculations for true end-to-end automation.

How does journal entry automation integrate with SAP and general ledger systems?

Our solution seamlessly integrates with SAP and other general ledger systems, facilitating direct posting of journal entries and ensuring the integrity of financial statements. This integration streamlines accounting processes and enhances data accuracy across your accounting team.

Can journal entry automation improve the approval processes for financial transactions?

Absolutely. Our platform automates and streamlines approval processes, enforcing rule-based validations before transactions are posted. This not only speeds up the financial close but also ensures compliance and accuracy in financial reporting.

How does automating journal entries support the production of accurate financial statements?

By automating the entry and validation of transactions, our solution significantly reduces errors, ensuring that financial statements reflect true and accurate financial health. This automation supports accounting teams in delivering timely and reliable reports.

What role does journal entry automation play in enhancing the efficiency of accounting processes?

Journal entry automation eliminates repetitive manual data entry, enabling accounting teams to focus on more strategic tasks. This efficiency gain is crucial for accelerating the financial close process and ensuring timely decision-making.

How does Redwood’s journal entry automation ensure compliance and control within financial reporting?

Our solution centralizes journal entry management, providing a transparent and consistent process that is easy to monitor and audit. This centralization is key to maintaining high standards of governance and compliance within your financial operations.