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How does transparent pricing with no hidden fees sound?
With Redwood, you don’t have to worry about the surprise overage costs BMC Control-M customers face.

How Do We Stack Up?

Natively-designed for SaaS Yes No
SaaS implementation supports all features of on-prem version Yes No
Full environment SaaS updates, including agents Yes No
Built to promote re-use and minimize duplication of workflows and schedules for SaaS Yes No
Straightforward pricing and licensing with no surprise audits Yes No
Pricing built on job executions, not job templates Yes No
100% direct in-house experts for service and support Yes No


G2 Leader Summer 2022

#1 Rated Workload Automation Solution

Redwood consistently receives the G2 Leader Award as the top-rated workload automation solution.

2022 Value Leader

Best SaaS Based Workload Automation

EMA has recognized Redwood's SaaS-native success by awarding RunMyJobs with “Best SaaS Workload Automation Solution” and “Value Leader” designations.

SAP Platinum Partner

Unparalleled ERP Integration

Seamless integration with leading enterprise tools like SAP means RunMyJobs is the solution to beat.

Remove the guesswork from workload automation

  • Eliminate surprise cost overages and complex licensing models
  • Gain out-of-the-box functionality without costly modules and connectors
  • Experience 24/7 proactive, in-house customer support
  • Feel the support of a dedicated customer success manager on your account
See RunMyJobs in Action

Seamless migration every time

With decades of in-house professional services experience and our tried-and-true migration and testing tools, we ensure you get the most value out of RunMyJobs as quickly as possible.

  1. Consult

    We review your current scheduling environment, applications and systems alongside your goals, and then we look for opportunities to improve and optimize.

  2. Plan

    We perform a detailed analysis of your processes, and then we develop a plan, sequence and timeline for migrating.

  3. Convert

    We create your cloud environment and begin converting your existing processes with our proven automated migration tools, and then we validate all processes before we launch.

  4. Go-Live

    We conduct a complete system review, ensuring all processes developed for your environment pass acceptance test criteria, and then we push the confirmed processes into production.


Migration made easy

Redwood's migration program provides a safe route for organizations that want an alternative to any job scheduling or workload automation tool available. For nearly three decades, we’ve successfully moved customers from BMC, Broadcom/CA, IBM, Tidal, AutoSys, Stonebranch and more.

We can provide a roadmap for your automation in the digital era, with unrivalled support that is consistently praised by our customers.

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As the UK's leading hotel company operating more than 700 hotels, our business never stops. We quickly migrated to Redwood, automating 1.3 million business-critical file transfers a month. We never miss a single transaction.

Rob Smith, Project Manager, Whitbread

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Control-M Alternatives?

  1. Redwood RunMyJobs
  2. ActiveBatch Workload Automation
  3. Snowflake
  4. AutoSys
  5. Cleo Integration Cloud
  6. Automatic Automation
  7. IBM Workload Automation
  8. Jams Scheduler
  9. Activeeon
  10. Stonebranch

Should I migrate to a BMC Control-M alternative?

BMC’s Control-M solution is based on an architecture that is not well-suited to the needs of a modern enterprise. It requires a large installation footprint that is burdensome and time-consuming to update when security patches are needed. It has high operational and administrative costs as a result. A solution that performs more automation through agentless APIs and offers updates that upgrade every element simultaneously in minutes is significantly easier to run. See how Redwood’s SaaS delivery allows IT organizations to focus on automation not administration.

Would a BMC Control-M alternative reduce my TCO?

Yes. For example, Redwood’s SaaS architecture eliminates overhead for infrastructure and ongoing maintenance of the workload automation platform. Redwood also includes all features with unlimited connections to applications, services and servers, without licensing additional plugins. With Redwood’s simple pricing model, you only pay for the jobs you run, gaining enterprise-grade flexibility and scalability to help you grow. Explore why Redwood’s unified cloud platform lowers ownership costs.

What is Workload Automation Software?

Workload Automation solutions are used to manage data and dependencies across disparate tools such as managed file transfers/ETL tools, business process applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, BI platforms, and more.

Workload Automation solutions often provide universal connectors and/or powerful REST API adapters that make it possible to integrate virtually any tool into an end-to-end process, without the need for custom scripts.

Is BMC Control-M an ETL tool?

No. ETL stands for “extract, transform and load” and is a database or data manipulation tool set. Many automation tools, including BMC Control-M, can do some of the extraction from big data and databases as well as manipulation of that data. But ETL tools are very specialized in being able to pull from multiple sources, make it canonical and link and cross reference data between diverse sources.

What is the difference between AutoSys and BMC Control-M?

Control-M is a BMC developed product that has been around for 20+ years. The “M” stands for mainframe and represents much of the legacy of the system behind it.

AutoSys workload automation was developed and acquired by CA Technologies, which is a Broadcom company. And while it has similar capabilities to BMC Control-M, it is an entirely different product and is newer in comparison from a legacy POV. While Broadcom has acquired multiple companies that provide automation tooling, AutoSys is the primary automation tool that they are known for.

What is BMC Control-M, and why should I consider BMC Control-M alternatives?

BMC Control-M is a workload automation tool that simplifies on-premises or SaaS application and data workflow. One reason for looking at BMC Control-M alternatives is that the tool itself is old, which makes it much less flexible end-to-end.

Also, the infrastructure, meaning the software and the hardware needed to run the platform, is extensive. This means, for example, if an upgrade is needed, BMC Control-M often requires teams of people, multiple notifications and dedicated downtime.

It is also expensive and can be error prone. So, there is a chance that optimizations you have made do not actually work. With BMC Control-M being based on a schedule, all IT processes need to be pre-scheduled in a sequence, which means you end up with longer processes allowing for buffer time. And the system must be shut down every day to predict for the next day’s schedule, which means you are not really responding to things in real-time.

Lastly, scalability is challenging for BMC Control-M as you grow, despite cloud-based technology changing over the last 20 years. Change management has not evolved, unlike Redwood, so it feels like you are continuously “bolting on stuff to your car” instead of innovating past legacy capabilities. You can do it, but it will not work the way it optimally should as there are a lot of dependencies.

Is BMC Control-M an automation tool?

Yes, it is workload automation software.

Who uses BMC Control-M?

IT administrators, IT operations and DevOps from enterprise companies use it.

How do you automate BMC Control-M?

You do not specifically automate BMC Control-M. You automate with BMC Control-M. In other words, it is the tool that does the automation with other IT systems, applications, servers, software, etc.

What does BMC Control-M stand for?

Control-M is the product name, where “M” stands for mainframe (the central data repository, or hub, in an organization’s data processing center), which stems from when the product was introduced many years ago. BMC or BMC Software is the company name.

What is BMC Control-M's scheduling tool?

BMC Control-M is the job scheduling tool, so it is the platform used to schedule the various forms of IT automation that you are trying to accomplish.

What is AWS Control-M?

AWS Control-M currently does not exist, however, Control-M in AWS (Amazon Web Services) means that the tool can simplify complex applications, data and file transfer workflows, whether on-premises, on the AWS Cloud or across a hybrid cloud model. BMC is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Competencies in DevOps and Migration.

Can BMC Control-M call REST APIs?

Yes. REST APIs are used to exchange information and update records across various applications, databases and web services.

What is Control-M in mainframe?

The “M” stands for mainframe. So, just as you can automate an application on your desktop, you can automate a database or even things like web services (i.e., Salesforce). You can run an automation platform on most things that run on a mainframe via self-service

What is BMC Control-M in SAP?

SAP (Systems Application and Products in Data Processing) is an ERP, or enterprise resource planning, solution that many large enterprises use. Those platforms work like the master database for the entire organization and typically have modules that help do things like payroll. Or, if you are a retailer, they will manage the planning, resourcing, scheduling and pricing with different capabilities and work as the “heart” of an organization. SAP is one of the two major ERP platforms, and the other one is Oracle.

How do I start my BMC Control-M job?

You can start a job in three ways:

  1. Triggered by a scheduled calendar time and date;
  2. Ad hoc, which means run it right now or run it an hour from now as an example;
  3. Event-based, so, if somebody orders a shoe online, the business process involves a signal being sent to the automation system that says update the database or something similar.

How do I get a job in BMC Control-M?

A job is an automated task or process, so the command would be "Update the database," "Give me a directory" or "Upload this file," or any number of things like that. It would be tasks like SLAs that need to be defined and scheduled to run in one of the three ways mentioned earlier. It would be highly dependent on the functionality being asked for.

How do I run a BMC Control-M job?

  1. Triggered by a scheduled calendar time and date;
  2. Ad hoc, which means run it right now or run it an hour from now as an example;
  3. Event-based, so, if somebody orders a shoe online, the business process involves a signal being sent to the automation system that says update the database or something similar.