BMC Control-M Alternative: Stop Paying More For Less

No one likes BMC Control-M’s surprise overage costs, which is exactly why we make sure you stay in control of your costs, processes, and jobs. Redwood takes the guesswork out of workload automation:

  • Eliminate surprise cost overages and complex licensing models
  • More functionality out of the box without costly modules and connectors
  • Experienced 24×7 proactive support and dedicated Customer Success
  • Proven results migrating customers to RunMyJobs

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Avoid The Business Risk Of Legacy Scheduling Tools

BMC’s Control-M job scheduling technology can’t compete in a world where technology is rapidly evolving and enterprises innovate and optimize. With security issues, manual processes, costly add-ons and one of the highest TCOs in the industry, Control-M just doesn’t cut it. And the fact that multiple licenses and products are needed for file transfer activity, change management tools and application workflow doesn’t help its cause.

Automation And Orchestration For The Enterprise

Using Control-M in the modern digital landscape leaves you open to risk around reliability, functionality and cost. It means that you lack the flexibility to respond to changing customer expectations and business needs.

For an independent perspective, in their “2021 Global IT Automation” report, leading analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA) shares findings from over 400 leading enterprises that are leveraging IT and business process automation today and into the future and why businesses are moving from legacy tools like BMC Control-M to a modern SaaS workload automation and process orchestration solution like Redwood.

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Take A Modern Approach With Redwood

Redwood offers scalable and secure SaaS workload automation that far surpasses BMC’s Control-M capabilities. It provides a single point of control, integrated dashboards and a visual process chain editor that simplifies workflows and enables optimization. Boost efficiency and productivity with reusable templates, wizards, and a low-code drag-and-drop interface.

Redwood’s business process automation and orchestration solution frees your staff from the time they waste managing repetitive manual tasks with outdated BMC software. As it’s built as a SaaS solution from the ground up, it requires no additional hardware or downtime for updates. And our support service is available 24×7.

Migration Made Easy

Migrating to Redwood is easier than you think, with significant benefits. Redwood’s migration program provides a safe route for organizations that want an alternative to any job scheduling or workload automation tool available. For nearly three decades, we’ve successfully moved customers from ActiveBatch, BMC, Broadcom/CA, IBM, Tidal, AutoSys, Stonebranch and more.

We can provide a roadmap for your automation in the digital era, with unrivaled support that is consistently praised by our customers.

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Redwood’s orchestration and automation solution reduces the TCO of automation by up to 50% compared to Control-M. This is because it offers all the functionality you need in a single package and integrates seamlessly with all your applications, including ERPs like Oracle and SAP. Redwood’s workload automation solution has been validated by SAP for full compatibility since its first release and Redwood has been an SAP partner for nearly 15 years.

  • Redwood’s automation offers all the functionality you need in a single package
  • Seamless cross-platform integration with on-premises systems and modern multi-cloud environments, regardless of cloud provider (ex., AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud), and any application or web service
  • Orchestrate anything from ERPs, open-source apps, DevOps, mainframes and big data pipelines to operating system processes on Windows, Linux, UNIX and more


Redwood’s SaaS workload automation is superior to Control-M’s legacy scheduler because it helps you to:

Improve Performance
Deliver high availability to dynamically balance workloads and manage high volumes of activities across multiple systems and applications.
Increase Visibility
Get a self-service view into critical processes, as well as status updates on approvals, decisions, and responses.
Ensure Governance
Define rules, structure, and security to reduce risk in business process execution. Secure your data. Enforce polices for changes and roll back if needed.
Regain Control
Manage process deadlines, workflows, and decision making with predictive alerts to conditions so you can meet SLAs and act before issues impact your business.

Why Redwood Is Your Best Bet For Workload Automation

In its recent “RADAR for Workload Automation” report, EMA named Redwood a Value Leader and Best SaaS Workload Automation solution. The report compares over a dozen software vendors, including BMC and Redwood, looking at functionality, architecture and integration, deployment and administration, cost, and vendor strength.

Redwood’s business process automation and orchestration stood out in the following ways:

Automation on-demand with unlimited scalability and API integration.
Lowest TCO In The Industry
Simple pay-for-what-you-use pricing plans with everything included.
No additional infrastructure required and no added maintenance.
High availability with guaranteed 99.95% uptime.
Managed Service
Fast implementation and easy migration.

We perform almost 50,000 file transfers every day in an 800+ server environment that drives our customer service and all of our business transactions. Since moving to Redwood, we've been able to simplify the way we manage all aspects of business service automation. We keep finding new efficiencies.

IT Director and Automation Leader for an International Services Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Control-M Alternatives?

  1. Redwood RunMyJobs
  2. ActiveBatch Workload Automation
  3. Snowflake
  4. AutoSys
  5. Cleo Integration Cloud
  6. Automatic Automation
  7. IBM Workload Automation
  8. Jams Scheduler
  9. Activeeon
  10. Stonebranch

Should I migrate to a BMC Control-M alternative?

BMC’s Control-M solution is based on an architecture that is not well-suited to the needs of a modern enterprise. It requires a large installation footprint that is burdensome and time-consuming to update when security patches are needed. It has high operational and administrative costs as a result. A solution that performs more automation through agentless APIs and offers updates that upgrade every element simultaneously in minutes is significantly easier to run. See how Redwood’s SaaS delivery allows IT organizations to focus on automation not administration.

Would a BMC Control-M alternative reduce my TCO?

Yes. For example, Redwood’s SaaS architecture eliminates overhead for infrastructure and ongoing maintenance of the workload automation platform. Redwood also includes all features with unlimited connections to applications, services and servers, without licensing additional plugins. With Redwood’s simple pricing model, you only pay for the jobs you run, gaining enterprise-grade flexibility and scalability to help you grow. Explore why Redwood’s unified cloud platform lowers ownership costs.

What is Workload Automation Software?

Workload Automation solutions are used to manage data and dependencies across disparate tools such as managed file transfers/ETL tools, business process applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, BI platforms, and more.

Workload Automation solutions often provide universal connectors and/or powerful REST API adapters that make it possible to integrate virtually any tool into an end-to-end process, without the need for custom scripts.

See Redwood Workload Automation In Action

With Redwood’s cloud-native automation and orchestration platform, your business can transform to meet the challenges of the hybrid, digital enterprise. Achieve more through automation: more efficiency, more resiliency, more flexibility, more customer loyalty, and more opportunity. Let our team show you why thousands of leading organizations worldwide rely on Redwood to help them excel in the digital age with workload automation.

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