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Orchestrate Automation Across Your Hybrid Cloud

Redwood automates your applications, no matter where they are hosted today, or in the future. Moving to the cloud as part of digital transformation? Our object-oriented design makes it easy to run parallel environments simultaneously during the transition.

  • Securely automate processes across all on-premises, cloud and containerized environments
  • Seamlessly coordinate and integrate legacy applications, OS activity and web API interactions
  • Move applications to Amazon, Azure, Google and other cloud platforms easily without additional licenses or complex configuration — just point your development, test or production instances to the target application host

Automate Your Entire ERP Ecosystem

Overcome limitations of built-in ERP scheduling tools and orchestrate SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, Workday and other ERPs natively. Coordinate and parallelize processes across your ERP, even with multiple instances, servers and time zones. Orchestrate processes with business logic that links critical ERP transactions and ensures data integrity.

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  • Easily move, copy and manage millions of files per month from anywhere to anywhere with included MFT capabilities that integrate into process flows
  • Encrypt file transfers end-to-end with SFTP, FTPS, SCP, HTTPS or FTP over SSH
  • Securely transfer files directly between automation agents to eliminate bottlenecks and delays associated with centralized file hubs
  • Access public cloud and hosted systems such as Amazon S3, Azure Storage and Google Cloud Storage
  • Connect across different sources and destination protocols such as from SFTP to an automation agent or FTPS to cloud storage such as Amazon S3
  • Automatically segment and re-join large files for fast download over multiple connections
  • Monitor time-critical file transfers with the integrated SLA module
  • Ensure data governance compliance with audit trails and support for existing policies
  • Automatically resume or restart transfers that fail due to timeouts or network issues

Integrate Web Services And Microservices

  • Incorporate REST or SOAP web services into your processes in minutes with simple web service API wizards
  • Easily automate services including Amazon Lambda, Apache Airflow, Google TensorFlow, Azure Functions, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Github, Office 365, Slack, Dropbox, Splunk and more
  • Deliver workload automation that orchestrates multiple microservices into a single end-to-end service for your enterprise and enterprise scheduler tools.

Expand Your Automation Service Catalog

  • Easily build consumable automation services and microservices using native SOA APIs and formats including REST/JSON and SOAP/XML
  • Publish automated processes as interactive service endpoints for consumption by any application or third-party service
  • Integrate with web forms and email for user-friendly self-service interactions

Automate Data Management

  • Orchestrate your data management automation tools to ensure more timely and accurate results
  • Coordinate ETL and warehousing of data to Amazon Redshift, SAP BW, Hadoop, Snowflake, Databricks, Google BigQuery and more
  • Provide real-time data feeds to dashboards, reporting and analytics tools including Tableau, Informatica, SAP BusinessObjects, Cognos, Microsoft PowerBI, and Amazon QuickSight
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Develop And Deploy Apps Faster With Devops Automation

  • Orchestrate your CI / CD processes and tool chain from build to release and post-deployment monitoring
  • Coordinate development, QA and production processes to eliminate manual processes such as provisioning and deployment
  • Choose from more than 25 supported scripting languages and interfaces including Python, R and PowerShell with built-in syntax highlighting and parameter replacement

Orchestrate Infrastructure Management

  • Coordinate deployment and provisioning applications in hybrid cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure
  • Run common OS, database and application maintenance tasks and actions automatically when degraded performance is detected
  • Automate virtualization including VMware, Xen and Amazon EC2 and containers such as Docker, Kubernetes and Amazon ECS

Guarantee SLA Performance

  • Use built-in SLA monitoring to guarantee performance of critical business processes
  • Get proactive notification on declining performance or delays for any process you choose to track
  • Resolve issues before they impact your internal or external customers
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Automate Anything, Anywhere

No other workload automation solution has the comprehensive and easy integration capabilities of Redwood. Automate everything across  your IT operations faster, better and more easily than before.

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