Are You Using Too Many Workload Automation Systems?

According to a new survey of IT and business professionals by EMA, 60% of organizations are using more than one WLA tool. This often occurs when organizations undergo years of mergers, acquisitions, and siloed departmental decisions, and it can lead to tremendous inefficiencies and unnecessary ad-hoc automation that accumulates over time.

Discover how you can increase performance across your organization, reduce expenses, and efforts, by consolidating your systems.


We took out about a third of the AutoSys jobs that we ended up not needing in Redwood. Either because we were consolidating jobs and one job would do what three jobs were doing in AutoSys, or because the job was just shoeshining and nobody was using the output of that job. 

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Challenges and benefits of consolidating
  • Orchestrating process through a single workload automation
  • How you can deliver better value and service to the business and your customers


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