Supporting the full weight of traditional process automation tools, and the overheads they incur, isn’t something that should be taken lightly. But without modernization, businesses can’t benefit from all that RPA and scheduling tools have to offer.

Whether you aim for 100% automation or are simply looking to improve the efficacy of your existing scheduling platforms, the key to true efficiency is an agile, predictable process automation and scheduling dashboard that provides full oversight and control, without demanding endless upgrades.

Unfortunately, standard tools have required upgrades, security patches and a dedicated technical management team for long-term operation, but that doesn’t make sense for the speeds at which businesses now operate.

The alternative, offered by tools like our own RunMyJobs platform, is a robust cloud or on-premises scheduling and orchestration dashboard that removes the pain points of traditional solutions.

Frequently, one of those key pain points is around cost – the push and pull between CapEx and OpEx.

Where traditional solutions are solely an on-premises affair (adding to those CapEx overheads – as well as ongoing OpEx), RunMyJobs provides a simple upgrade route of on-premises to cloud. For any organization that wants to significantly lower the overall cost of process automation by removing the need to buy or manage hardware, upgrades or any other associated expenses of on-premises deployment, it’s a flexibility that other vendors simply can’t offer.

If we sidestep the debate about any potential benefits of swapping CapEx for OpEx for a moment, whichever way you consider it cloud-based process automation delivered on a fixed pay-per-use model is far more cost-efficient, predictable and scalable than traditional solutions. Predictable costs and performance are essential for realistic planning.

Furthermore, these older solutions don’t always provide the connectors businesses need as standard and can’t provide real-time visibility of jobs. They’re both more expensive, and less capable.

If you want to see what a hassle-free scheduling platform with fully-inclusive monitoring, user tracking and a simple pricing structure can do for your business, get in touch with us below.

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