Webinar On-Demand: Using Automation to Demystify Intercompany Reconciliation

Using Automation to Demystify Intercompany Reconciliation

If asked why intercompany reconciliation is such a challenge for enterprises, what would you say? Is it the global supply chains, unique relationships, or multi-stage transactions? The multitude of source applications across business units?

Elevating the analysis paints a different picture: where early access to transaction data, processed as it happens, removes many of the inherent Intercompany reconciliation challenges. Watch this on-demand webinar where Redwood’s finance automation expert, Shak Akhtar, will share how first-mile data can be leveraged to route, record and automatically execute intercompany activities. You will take away strategies to manage intercompany transactions continually, reducing the strain on your team at period-end and improving the accuracy of the results.


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