Simplify Your SAP Job Scheduling Integration

Easily coordinate SAP and non-SAP jobs for end-to-end business processes and real-time results.

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Redwood RunMyJobs: A Single Cloud-Based Solution For Any Background Job In Your SAP Systems

  • Event-Driven Job Processing

  • Expand Your SAP Scheduling Capabilities

  • Automate IT processes

  • Streamlined, Low-Code Development

  • Support And Services

Event-Driven Job Processing

With event-driven job scheduling software for enterprises, you can easily schedule and run workflows, trigger SAP processes and orchestrate your SAP job scheduler (or SAP central process scheduling) using Redwood’s extensive library of connectors and wizards that help build SAP jobs in minutes.

  • Schedule or run processes in response to real-time events, files, data or messages for time-critical applications
  • Add customizable prerequisites and branching paths based on status to build exception-handling into your job runs
  • Schedule across multiple time zones and daylight savings rules, create patterns from any dates or time windows or use perpetual calendars that don’t require updating
  • Guarantee performance of business applications with predictive SLA monitoring, alerts and notifications through SMS, email, apps and more

Expand Your SAP Scheduling Capabilities

Overcome limitations of built-in SAP scheduling tools to orchestrate disparate applications and processes. Coordinate and parallelize process chains across your SAP ERP, even with multiple instances, servers and time zones.

  • SAP ERP: Orchestrate process automation with business logic that links critical SAP HANA/4HANA transactions and ensures data integrity
  • Managed File Transfers: Securely move, copy and manage files between external programs and systems
  • Hybrid IT: Orchestrate resource utilization and IT tasks across on-premises and multi-cloud environments, operating system activity and web services
  • Data Management: Coordinate SAP ERP data with non-SAP applications for real-time data feeds, dashboards and BI tools
  • Job logs: RunMyJobs job logs are a powerful tool for monitoring and managing SAP job execution. Job logs include details such as start time, end time, duration, status, and errors. Logs also provide details about job input files, output files generated, and intermediate data produced during job execution.

We saved 84 man-hours – that’s 10.5 days a quarter – when our specialist can work on other projects. Redwood is business critical. I really wonder how other enterprise businesses can manage without it.

Hans Jansen, Senior SAP Basis Specialist, Epson

Streamlined, Low-Code Development

Redwood’s RunMyJobs application features a familiar intuitive, low-code SAP BPA user interface that supports the entire process lifecycle, with simple promotion between development, test and production environments.

  • Drag-and-drop graphical editor allows users to define dependencies between jobs and tasks. Redwood’s extensive library of included templates and wizards helps you build new jobs in minutes
  • Create or choose from a library of job steps, sequences and calendars that can be reused and shared across multiple processes
  • Web-based interface allows users to define, schedule, and monitor jobs from anywhere
  • Integrated source control, rollback and audit trails enables complete lifecycle management of all your processes
  • Support more than 25 scripting languages and interfaces including ABAP, Python, Java, R and PowerShell with built-in syntax highlighting and parameter replacement
  • Provide streamlined development experience across clouds with Cloud Foundry integration

Support And Services

  • 24×5 Support: Redwood’s in-house automation experts provide 24×5 support for all issues as well as 24×7 SEV-1 support and are ready to assist and resolve issues quickly
  • Migration And Onboarding: Our team members ensure a smooth, safe and fast transition using a proven methodology that streamlines migration
  • Consulting And Services: We can help implement best practices, perform health checks and advise on how to boost your ROI
  • Redwood University: Online training to develop and extend your skills and expertise without searching through KBAs or SAP notes

Optimize SAP Functionality And ROI With Redwood

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I simplify SAP job scheduling?

SAP job scheduling can be simplified with a cloud-native workload automation (WLA) platform that readily integrates with any system or application within your ERP ecosystem. WLA solutions such as Redwood provide flexible date/time and event-based scheduling with direct integrations and APIs to connect to endpoints across your enterprise. This makes it easy to build, monitor and maintain end-to-end processes that incorporate SAP jobs. Discover Redwood’s cloud-native enterprise job scheduler.

Can I integrate SAP Job Scheduling?

Yes, SAP Job Scheduling can be integrated using native connections or REST APIs. Enterprise workload automation solutions such as Redwood provide robust integrations into SAP ecosystems, including SAP NetWeaver and SAP Solution Manager. This enables IT to speed up key processes and integrate disparate applications. Instead of relying on custom scripts, prebuilt integrations and REST APIs provide faster, more reliable and flexible connections.

Explore how Redwood’s modern automation capabilities turn your IT vision into reality.

Does Redwood support SAP job scheduling?

Yes, the Redwood RunMyJobs job scheduling service is a cloud-native workload automation solution that makes it easy to manage jobs within the SAP ERP framework. RunMyJobs can connect to any endpoint whether on-premises or cloud-based, regardless of underlying technology. Jobs can be scheduled or set to execute based on event triggers, with conditional logic, automated remediation and SLA monitoring to help ensure that jobs complete successfully and on schedule. Redwood also integrates with SAP’s load balancing solution, SAP Web Dispatcher.

Learn how Redwood helps you orchestrate automation across your hybrid cloud and toolset.