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Many enterprises that use SAP as their ERP are somewhere in the process of making the big move to S/4HANA. According to ASUG (America’s SAP User Group), 31% of SAP users have made the move, 13% have started, and 42% are making plans to move. This migration is a complex undertaking for IT teams but drives and delivers more value for their organization.

As part of this strategic focus on S/4HANA, SAP will end support after December 2024 for many applications that rely on the NetWeaver Java stack—including SAP BPA by Redwood. That also means that no updates or new features for SAP BPA can be released.

For enterprises using SAP BPA, this means that unless action is taken, their critical processes could end up running on unsupported software. Fortunately, there is an easy answer that not only keeps everything running reliably as it does today, but also unlocks new automation possibilities and a higher level of collaboration and support.

Unlock new, future-ready automation use cases

When you move your processes to RunMyJobs by Redwood, you can leverage pre-built connectors to many of the new SAP solutions, such as SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (IBP) and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). 

The move to S/4HANA brings new changes and the need for more integration and coordination across SAP applications. For example, transitioning from the SAP ECC Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) supply chain module to SAP IBP, requires new processes to orchestrate data – now contained within other modules – and the planning process. By moving to RunMyJobs, enterprises can easily overcome this challenge by leveraging included connectors for SAP IBP and SAP BTP data sources. Combined with Redwood’s standard connectors to SAP S/4, ECC, BW, and others, you can use Redwood to orchestrate processes across SAP and other systems to streamline data integration. 

In fact, Redwood recently helped a leading car parts manufacturer optimize their IBP master data integration process and reduce the time it took to complete by 60%. With RunMyJobs, they were able to orchestrate SAP IBP, SAP BW, SAP ERP, and non-SAP systems into a single, automated Redwood process. What used to take 17 hours now only takes seven—enabling the team to spend more time looking for new ways to optimize their overall production processes.

When you move to RunMyJobs, the features and unlimited connectors you gain unlock many new automation use cases, including: 

  • Orchestrating data management with Informatica, Apache Airflow, Azure Data Factory, and more
  • Delivering “self-service” to your organization using forms, business user interactions, and automated email processing
  • Including Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Google, and other cloud storage systems into workflows

All these possibilities are available out of the box, and included in Redwood’s simple, transparent pricing model. You won’t be held back by “per connection” license fees. With Redwood, you are free to innovate new automation across more of your environment.

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Esprit seamlessly moved to RunMyJobs—and saved significantly

Esprit’s IT team used SAP BPA by Redwood for many years to reliably automate their mission-critical retail business processes such as distribution and supply chain logistics. They wanted a way to increase their IT efficiency and reduce costs of their third-party hosting and service provider —and make sure their processes continued to run on a supported platform.

By making the move to RunMyJobs, Esprit was able to fully optimize a range of complex processes, from product distribution to supply chain logistics. Redwood also gave them the tools they needed to orchestrate their automated product and financial data distribution processes. To learn more about how Redwood helped Esprit deliver on their business goals faster—and gain the flexibility and reliability they needed to scale, read the full case study.

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