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Workload automation (WLA) and scheduling are the workhorses of digital business. Unfortunately, the WLA landscape at many organizations has been built up over time in disconnected silos and layers. Recent analyst research has shown that only 8% of IT leaders believe that they have a unified approach and toolset for automation. At most organizations, core IT processes that support the business are automated using a combination of multiple legacy WLA and scheduling tools that are an average age of 24 years old. These disparate legacy tools often work in disconnected silos of technology or business. In the fast-changing world of business IT, that’s a problem.

Most organizations cope with this issue by connecting their islands of automation through manual hand-offs and effort. That’s also a problem.

The ultimate goal of automation is to relieve people of manual work. If the automation tools themselves actually create more work and complexity for people who must watch and shepherd tasks, then they are letting their human beings down.

Find the root cause of automation woes—and solve it—in the new eBook, “What’s the Real Cost of Outdated Automation?” See how organizations can use reliable ROI models to define their desired state for automation and measure that against how they run processes now. Discover how to calculate the current human cost of disjointed and often outdated automation tools and discover just how much any organization can save.

Paradigm Shift

Recent changes in the modern world have brought some tough realizations…

  • Transformational investments are required to thrive​ and grow
  • People can no longer be required as links in the transactional chain​ – they are too valuable
  • Process resilience and operational capability must be improved while reducing costs

The best modern WLA solution supports all three points by eliminating manual effort that was once required to set up, manage and complete tasks when they were automated in silos. It provides the required resilience together with a much more strategic and cost-effective use of resources.

Redwood’s RunMyJobs® is the only enterprise-level WLA solution delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It eliminates data center infrastructure costs and manual effort to support spotty automation.

Find out more about RunMyJobs®. Read the new eBook and see what’s possible. 

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