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When customer relationship management (CRM) platforms became common enterprise tools, it was like marketing and sales teams got their own personal assistants. The CRM tracked contact information, preferences, and interactions automatically—and it was a huge boon for productivity.

What if that assistant could gain superpowers, like the ability to automatically schedule meetings, send follow-up emails, and initiate an onboarding process and more across every platform in your business?

You don’t have to imagine the boon such superpowers would bring, because those superpowers are real and accessible. By integrating your CRM platform with a workflow automation platform like Redwood, businesses can improve operational efficiency, ensure data accuracy, accelerate response times, and enhance customer experience.

Let’s look at how CRM workflow automation with Redwood can optimize your business processes. This article will provide real-world use cases and examine the benefits and considerations of CRM workflow automation with Redwood.

The Benefits of Automating CRM Workflows

Automating CRM workflows provides many of the same benefits to sales and marketing teams that workload automation provides to technical teams. Here are just some of those benefits.

Improved Productivity

Automation eliminates time-consuming, repetitive tasks so salespeople, marketing experts, and customer support representatives can focus on the tasks that provide tangible value to your organization. By providing employees with more time back in their day, they can improve their overall productivity and efficiency.

On a process level, a workflow automation tool like Redwood offers insights and analytics into CRM workflows to identify areas for process improvements. Redwood aptures data on task completion times, bottlenecks, and performance metrics to help businesses identify inefficiencies, optimize workflows, and continuously improve processes across their sales pipeline.

Enhanced accuracy

Automation minimizes the risk and occurrence of inevitable human error that comes with manual data entry. Integrating with Redwood also eliminates the time and costs that come with finding and reworking such errors. Redwood’s automation capabilities consistently enforce predefined rules and conditions that ensures data accuracy, consistency, and integrity across the CRM platform, assuring reliable customer information.

Faster Response Times

Automation doesn’t forget to send an email because it got distracted. By automating lead assignments, lead scoring, and customer follow-ups, workflow automation software can ensure your organization responds promptly to inquiries and requests, in turn reducing lead or customer wait times and creating a more positive experience.

CRM Workflow Automation Use Cases

Here are just a few real-world use cases for implementing workflow automation for CRM software, and some of the resulting benefits. Redwood can implement automated workflows such as:

Automated Lead Capture and Streamlined Sales Process

Redwood can validate inbound leads from a company’s website and other sources based on predefined criteria. Redwood will then automatically assign the leads to appropriate sales people and trigger automated follow-up emails. Sales reps can receive notifications at any point in the process according to predefined critera. Data Redwood captures and analyzes also provides deep visibility into the sales funnel.

Automated Order Processing

If a lead places an order, Redwood can automatically create a record in the CRM system, trigger workflow approvals, check inventory, and arrange shipping. This reduces order processing times, improves order accuracy, and shortens the lead time between order and fulfillment.

Increase Lead Engagement and Enhance Lead Generation

By integrating Redwood with your sales and marketing automation systems, Redwood can automatically segment existing and new leads based on demographic and behavioral data that you predefine. This enables automatic personalization and tailored messaging. Redwood functionality even allows you to set up automated triggers to send emails or drip campaigns based on behaviors such as site visits, downloads, or event registrations.

Automated Account Updates

By integrating Redwood with your account management tools and CRM, you can enable automatic data updates such as contact or credit card information, product upgrades, or subscription plan modificiation. Redwood workflows can trigger payment reminders to customers nd automate notifications to account managers to review updates that may need attention.

How Redwood Automates Your CRM Workflows

While your email marketing, sales automation, website chatbots, project management tools, ERP system, and ecommerce apps may all be on separate platforms, Redwood can connect to any tech stack your company runs now or in the future. No matter your IT landscape or its complexity, Redwood can seamlessly connect all your systems and automate across them from a single point of control.

Plus, Redwood is so easy to use that the average business user can create complex workflows without submitting support tickets to IT. That means automated business processes in minutes with your IT team members focusing on their own high-value tasks.

Automating your CRM workflows can enhance your marketing campaigns, sales management, and enable process automation that helps your teams be more accurate and productive. Get more benefits from your system automations by tying them all together with an automation solution like Redwood.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CRM workflow automation reduce manual tasks?

While CRM platforms already automate a number of tasks within their own system, there are manual tasks required when navigating between CRMs and other tools, including formatting data to share with other systems and tranferring new customers into order platforms and account management. Plus, when small businesses are ready to transfer from smaller systems to larger systems, they won’t have to migrate everything to work together, they can just use Redwood to tie it all together.

See how you can centralize and optimize any business process with Redwood.

How does Redwood enable CRM workflow automation?

Redwood includes everything you need to orchestrate across your entire enterprise without infrastructure costs and effort. Redwood includes out-of-the-box connectors, a fully-hosted infrastructure, Redwood centralizes automation orchestration across your tools and platforms, including CRM and marketing automation tools.

Explore how Redwood’s workflow automation can automate your business processes.

What CRM platforms does Redwood integrate with?

Redwood’s flexible API means that it will integrate with just about any tool you use, whether it’s Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft, or any other CRM tool. Redwood also has built-in integrations for your ERP scheduling tools and works with your data management tools so you never miss an analytics report.

Discover how Redwood obliterates limitations so you can automate anything anywhere.