0923 Full Stack Automation Blog

We have all experienced a day when everything went right. Those days can be almost magical, like a vacation where the airplane is on time, the elevators come quickly and the kids are in good spirits. Van Morrison’s “Days Like This” captures this sentiment: “Everything falls into place like the flick of a switch…all the puzzle pieces start to look like they fit.” Redwood thinks it’s high time corporate IT teams had more of those days.

Current enterprise WLA solutions can be a slow-moving, confusing environment. Automations that aren’t performing well or linked properly can easily create a fool’s errand of unnecessary and fruitless tasks, or missing data and downtime. IT employees can find themselves repeating routine tasks, which consume human capital and undermine employee satisfaction. Ultimately, days filled with these sisyphean tasks erode an enterprise’s bottom line by lowering IT efficiency and impeding strategic initiatives IT teams might accomplish.

WLA automations could stagnate businesses and their IT people.

  1. Disconnected applications: When automations are silo’d in an organization, it creates a barrier to organizational efficiency and agility, specifically because automated processes are not unified in one system and can’t be automated end-to-end. 
  2. Slow automation build times: When automations require heavy code and a myriad of independent processes, IT teams spend more hours developing and integrating new automations.
  3. Low visibility: When automations lack a fully connected dashboard for monitoring and management, more human capital must be expended on routine data management and process tracking.
  4. Limited employee opportunity: When automations are not intuitive and require extensive programming, it limits employee ability to contribute to valuable or more strategic business projects.

With underperforming IT automations, business growth suffers, pivotal activities are tabled and employees fail to contribute to valuable or more strategic business projects. Things are not falling into place. Yet those better days are closer than ever. With intelligent automation and hyper automation, IT teams can experience more “days like this,” when things just seem to go right.

RunMyJobs by Redwood offers full stack automation so you can redeploy your human capital to more meaningful tasks and focus on the business bottom line in more intentional ways. RunMyJobs by Redwood is a fully modern SaaS platform built to scale that enables enterprises to automate any business process across any technology. 

With RunMyJobs, you have the flexibility to connect applications to any tech stack today and tomorrow, eliminating future employee hours trying to ensure application integration. RunMyJobs offers composable automations, speeding up the automation creation process and requiring less effort and build time from your IT team. Additionally, your team can leverage end-to-end control and visibility into every business process with real-time monitoring and predictive SLA notification and management. With increased visibility and less manual intervention, your team can focus on strategic projects and business goals. 

With RunMyJobs by Redwood, your team can find those better days, where your automations run smoothly and your time is freed to accomplish the more important things. Get a free demo to learn more.