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Automation reduces manual effort, increases efficiency and flexibility, and improves operations. The more systems, processes and data you orchestrate through your automation platform, the bigger the payoff. But these outcomes are only possible if the automation platform is secure.

Redwood’s RunMyJobs® SaaS workload automation provides the secure automation modern enterprises need because it is built with security in mind. Here’s how:

Secure by design

RunMyJobs is uncompromising on security features with its security-first, single-tenant design – in which customers have a singular, dedicated instance of RunMyJobs allocated to them within the cloud – providing isolation, protection and control.

Connections between RunMyJobs and your existing infrastructure are TLS 1.3 encrypted , and you can use RunMyJobs’ built-in authentication or third-party SSO/SAML 2.0+ integration.

All communication between RunMyJobs and your infrastructure is initiated by the software agents within your environment. This means there’s no need to open firewall ports that expose your network to risk. And, thanks to RunMyJobs’ SaaS model, the vast majority of the output information and data from your processes is kept within your network.

Proven security

The security credentials of RunMyJobs are backed up by annual penetration testing conducted by third party tester Hedgehog Security, which said: “Over the course of the three days testing, we were in the rare occurrence of not being able to identify any vulnerabilities…. A genuine delight to see that it’s been designed with security in mind, as this often isn’t always the case in this industry.”

Put simply, RunMyJobs is a fully-secure way of running automation in your landscape — with all the benefits of SaaS — so you can achieve those goals of reducing manual effort, increasing efficiency and flexibility, and improving operations.

Find out how RunMyJobs can help you automate your business processes — securely here.

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