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Hybrid IT is now an approach that is widely used by most companies to effectively manage their businesses operations. But running systems and applications across public and private cloud and on-premises technology brings additional complexity that needs to be managed.

For a digital business to be competitive it needs workload automation technology that goes beyond the traditional capabilities of legacy workload or scheduling tools if it is to effectively deal with the range of locations of systems and applications and the growing number of technology types being used.

Gartner has recognized this growing need, saying automation “is to modern infrastructure what blood is to the body” and acknowledging that it’s impossible to have modern infrastructure without it.

In its 2020 Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms, Gartner states that vendors are “evolving their capabilities at a rapid pace to meet the needs of cloud-based workloads and real-time automation and response”.

What has emerged are what the analyst group calls “service orchestration and automation platforms” (SOAPs) which “expand the role of traditional workload automation by adapting to cloud-native infrastructure and applications architecture”.

These platforms, says Gartner, enable infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders “to design and implement business services through a combination of workflow orchestration, run book automation and resource provisioning across an organization’s hybrid digital infrastructure”.

SOAPs also offer unified administration consoles and event-driven application workflows, expose APIs, monitor task status and alert users when new events are triggered.

From an IT perspective, this infrastructure-led transformation should make the complex job of managing a hybrid enterprise more manageable. And these expanded workload automation capabilities will also deliver more effective business outcomes.

Redwood is cited by Gartner as a “representative vendor” in the SOAP space for its RunMyJobs® workload automation solution.

RunMyJobs provides a single, integrated workload automation solution that works across and has all of the capabilities required by a hybrid digital enterprise. It also has the added benefit of being delivered via SaaS. As a result, it requires less time and effort from the IT department to implement, configure and manage when compared to alternatives. And it provides the additional flexibility that all modern enterprises need.

RunMyJobs is the only workload automation and job scheduling solution delivered as a service. It also provides the crucial functionality that will reboot workload automation for an increasingly hybrid digital world.

Find out more about RunMyJobs and sign up for a free trial here.

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