PeopleSoft Job Scheduler: Enhance Process Automation through Integrations

Achieve advanced scheduling capabilities for PeopleSoft ERP tasks

  • Optimize

    batch scheduling and data exchange

  • Build

    dependencies for PeopleSoft applications

  • Schedule

    recurring tasks like Crystal Reports and SQL scripts

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler


The PeopleSoft Process Scheduler is part of the PeopleSoft Enterprise software suite developed by Oracle. Functionality is included for executing batch scheduling and business processes like running SQL reports, performing data extracts, and tasks related to data integration. This tool can be used for job scheduling and workflow automation within the PeopleSoft system through a centralized platform. Administrators can define and manage processes and assign them to specific server names or process groups and set up dependencies.

PeopleSoft can be integrated with more advanced job scheduling and workload automation tools to streamline workflows and process types across applications within an organization’s tech stack.

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Redwood offers workload automation solutions designed for growth through a cloud-native platform that can keep pace with business evolution. By integrating PeopleSoft applications with Redwood’s WLA solution, teams have more control over queued tasks and performance.

Robust ERP Integrations

Overcome limitations imposed through the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler by integrating with Redwood. Orchestrate PeopleSoft and other Oracle ERP natively by incorporating REST web services in minutes using simple API wizards.

Connect and manage processes from PSNT (PeopleSoft Native), PeopleSoft Process Schedule Server, and the application servers.

Enjoy Real-Time Automation

Workflows can be triggered based on events or data, and users can visually follow progress in real-time. Automation use cases include finance automation, managed file transfer automation, DevOps automation, ERP automation, ETL automation, hybrid cloud automation, self-service automation, and web server and microservice automation.

Developer-Friendly Functionality

Designed with software developers in mind, Redwood supports over 25 scripting languages from the command line or GUI, including Python, COBOL, PowerShell, and more. Teams have the freedom to select lightweight, self-updating agents for Windows, Linux, Unix, and MacOS. SOA APIs provide the ability to quickly build consumable automation services across on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some features of the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler?

Some of the key functionality offered by the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler includes:

  • Process definition: Define processes to run by specifying parameters, inputs, and output destination. This can include running PeopleSoft Application Engine programs, Crystal Reports, SQRs (Structured Query Reports), and other custom processes.
  • Scheduling: Set up recurring schedules for business processes by specifying frequency, start time, and end time. PeopleSoft jobs can be scheduled to run at specific intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) or specific dates.
  • Process monitor: Monitor the progress and run status of scheduled processes in real-time. View logs, error messages, and performance metrics.
  • Dependencies: Configuring processes to have dependencies between one another means a process won’t start until the dependent process has been completed.
  • Load balancing: The PeopleSoft Process Scheduler supports load balancing across multiple servers. Intelligent distribution across available servers optimizes resource utilization and minimizes processing time.
  • Notifications: Administrators can set up email notifications to send when processes complete or encounter errors. This helps keep track of process execution and makes it possible to address issues promptly.
  • Security and access controls: The Process Scheduler includes security features to control access to processes and ensure only authorized users define, modify, or schedule PeopleSoft jobs.

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What is the difference between a jobset and a PeopleSoft job?

In the context of PeopleSoft Process Scheduler, a jobset and a PeopleSoft job are two distinct concepts for managing and scheduling processes. A jobset is a grouping mechanism for organizing and scheduling multiple PeopleSoft jobs together, while a PeopleSoft job is an individual process or task. Jobsets offer a higher level of control and dependency management compared to individual jobs.

A jobset is a collection of related PeopleSoft jobs that are grouped together for scheduling and execution purposes. It serves as a container that allows you to organize and manage multiple jobs as a single entity. Jobsets are often used when you have a series of interdependent jobs that need to run in a specific order.

Some important things to note about jobsets:

  • A jobset can include one or more PeopleSoft jobs.
  • The jobs within a jobset can have dependencies on each other.
  • Scheduled jobsets can run at specific times or dates and support recurring schedules.
  • Jobsets can be assigned to groups to distribute workload across multiple servers.
  • Jobsets offer a high-level view and centralized control over execution of related jobs.

A PeopleSoft job represents an individual process or task to be executed within the PeopleSoft system. It can be a batch process like running Crystal reports, updating file names or process names, initiating a data mover, executing an Application Engine program, running SQL scripts, and more. Each PeopleSoft job is associated with a specific definition and set of parameters.

Some important things to note about PeopleSoft jobs:

  • A PeopleSoft Job is a standalone process request that can be scheduled and executed independently.
  • PeopleSoft jobs have their own parameters like input criteria, run control ID settings, and output destinations.
  • Jobs can be assigned to process groups for load balancing and resource optimization.
  • Every PeopleSoft job has its own status, run time, logs, and error handling mechanisms.

What is Psjob in PeopleSoft?

In the context of PeopleSoft, "Psjob" refers to a PeopleSoft job. A Psjob is an individual process or task within the PeopleSoft system that can be scheduled and executed.

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What is PeopleTools?

PeopleTools is a comprehensive set of development tools and technologies by Oracle for building, customizing, and maintaining PeopleSoft applications. It serves as the underlying foundation for the PeopleSoft Enterprise software suite. Developers use it to design, develop, and deploy applications within the PeopleSoft environment.

An example of PeopleTools include solutions for reporting and analytics. These tools are used to create, manage, and deliver reports and metrics within PeopleSoft applications. This includes the Query Manager, nVision for multidimensional reporting, and the BI publisher for custom reports and document templates.

The current version of PeopleTools is PeopleTools 8, specifically PeopleTools 8.60.

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