Redwood SAP BusinessObjects Job Scheduler Integration

Orchestrate powerful business process automations for SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ) job scheduler and beyond your SAP environment with the comprehensive functionality and seamless integrations of RunMyJobs by Redwood.

Powerful Workload Automation and Scheduling Capabilities Beyond Your SAP Systems

Build and customize complex, cross-platform automations faster than ever. Redwood’s simple UI is a simple, drag-and-drop visual process editor that works as well for business users as it does for IT professionals.

  • Centralize Your Job Scheduling

    Manage all your job scheduling IT processes, tools and platforms from a single control plane. Gain a unified view of all non-SAP and SAP job scheduling activities, dependencies, and workflow execution.

  • Advanced Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

    Redwood’s central dashboard provides detailed execution logs and alerts that SAP BusinessObjects (SAP BO) simply can’t beat.

  • Built for Any IT Environment

    Redwood works as seamlessly on cloud and hybrid-cloud environments as it does for on-premise environments.

  • Pre-built SAP Integrations

    Launch any automation project quickly with our flexible API and library of ready-to-use pre-built integrations and connectors for SAP applications like SAP S/4HANA, SAP NetWeaver, SAP ERP, and other SAP processes.

Event-Based Automation Capabilities

Easily trigger processes based on events across SAP and non-SAP platforms. Initiate automation with real-time data changes, system events, user actions, or external triggers for the most flexible, responsive process automation tool around.

  • Monitor SLAs across your entire job scheduling ecosystem
  • Unite your scheduling tools on a platform that supports SAP ABAP and Java tech stacks, Microsoft and Linux/Unix operating systems, Crystal Reports, and additional SAP business intelligence tools
  • Automatically generate and easily access audit-ready information like job steps, job name, job definitions, and job logs
  • Enable end users to build workflows without IT with RunMyJobs’ drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for end users to build workflows without IT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SAP BusinessObjects Job Scheduler schedule jobs in non-SAP applications or tools?

No, SAP BOBJ is specifically designed to schedule and automate jobs within the BOBJ suite and related applications. To schedule jobs across all tools, you will need an automation tool such as Redwood that can schedule across any platform and any IT environment.

Discover Redwood’s full-stack enterprise automation integrations for SAP applications.

What are the advantages to using Redwood over SAP BusinessObjects Job Scheduler?

Redwood offers broader automation functionality beyond job scheduling. This allows for end-to-end process automation across all systems and applications. Redwood can manage complex, enterprise-wide automation need and offers workload balancing and comprehensive monitoring and analytics so you’re never left needing more information.

Learn how Redwood’s event-driven process automation makes it easy to orchestrate business processes and deliver real-time results.

Does Redwood work with Web Intelligence reports in the SAP BusinessObjects suite?

Yes, while Redwood is primarily an automation platform, it can work with Web Intelligence (Webi) reports. Redwood can schedule the execution of Webi reports to run at specific times and handle dependencies between processes or tasks, including a Webi report execution. Redwood can also track the status and performance of Webi report executions.

See how Redwood makes it easy to connect to any app, system, or service you use.

Does Redwood provide ETL and data integration capabilities?

Yes, Redwood’s ETL automation tool integrates disparate data sources, improves data quality, and helps simplify your cloud data warehouse. Redwood’s low-code data integration integrates all your on-prem data flows, OS activity, API adapters, and cloud service providers. Redwood also integrates with other ETL tools such as Informatica and SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.

Explore how Redwood enables seamless integration and ETL.