Learn why enterprises are leveraging Business Process Automation 

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Unique insights on how leading enterprises leverage automation

Some organizations take for granted that inefficient, manual work is a cost of doing business, resulting in a parasitic drain on performance. That’s why many deploy specialized, point automation to help. Without orchestration, this approach leaves gaps and misses opportunities that an end-to-end solution is poised to address. Redwood’s eBook on Business Process Automation (BPA) explores how forward-thinking enterprises are adapting, and why automation alone won’t meet coming business challenges.

How is Business Process Automation accelerating digital transformation?

You’ll discover: 

  • Why automation with orchestration is needed by business 
  • How to overcome shortcomings of RPA with BPA 
  • 5 top business benefits of BPA 
  • Practical use cases and tips for success 

“We’re going to see a need for fewer automation tools that do broader things. I think the workload automation class of software is the right candidate to be expand and to become that orchestrator of all forms of automation across the enterprise.”

Dan Twing, EMA president and COO