Webinar On-Demand: WLA Consolidation Pays Off

How GROWMARK Transformed Automation with Redwood

In this video, you’ll learn what GROWMARK, a leading supplier of agricultural supplies, equipment and services, gained when they consolidated multiple workload scheduling tools into one automation platform.

Brian Culhane, GROWMARK’s Director of IS Development, will talk about the key benefits his organization realized by consolidating their multiple WLA and scheduling tools. He is joined by Neil Kinson, Redwood’s Chief of Staff, who will discuss what other IT leaders shared with him about the pains of multiple WLA systems. He’ll also talk about how to get the most benefits from consolidation initiatives.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • How GROWMARK freed senior staff for higher-value projects and gained a central foundation for their big-picture automation strategy
  • Why organizations have multiple automation tools in the first place
  • What the “automation gap” is and why it’s the number one performance killer in multiple-WLA organizations
  • Why opportunity and performance costs of multiple WLAs are a bigger burden than operational costs


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