Regular readers will not be surprised to hear us say that the key to streamlining essential business functions and operations is efficiency. And that the ‘secret’ to successfully using automation to improve efficiency in no small part lies in its security and visibility benefits.

However, putting automation solutions in place doesn’t have to be a proposition that requires full commitment before you feel ready.

A solution such as Redwood RunMyJobs® can be used to improve the operational agility of the IT department, handle your finance team’s mass billing, fully orchestrate your supply chain activities, and automate reporting from widely used SAP and Oracle applications, but there’s no need to do all that at once.

Start with the workload

Instead, you can start with the most painful parts of your IT landscape – automating legacy scheduler and other workload automation tools.

Not only can RunMyJobs® automate these processes seamlessly but doing so brings together siloes of legacy automation beneath a central web-based dashboard, which increases visibility and reduces the overall cost of running the processes.

Offloading intensive workload automation and batch scheduler tools to a dedicated platform with transparent subscription-based pricing also removes any nasty headaches that you may have experienced with other scheduling or automation solutions.

Starting with workload automation lets you see maximum impact to process efficiency and cost in the shortest time, and relieves much of the heavy lifting associated with legacy scheduling software.

Naturally, as automation experts for more than two decades, we know that the benefits and potential far outweigh the financial cost for any business. But it’s also true that over-complicated, under-specced solutions are also being pushed hard by some in the sector.

If you’re not an automation expert, telling the difference between the two isn’t always that easy. But by taking a measured approach with legacy processes, you can asses the benefits for yourself.

Just don’t believe anyone that tells you automation is an ‘all or nothing’ deal, OK?

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