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The seismic shift to cloud-based services – both consumer and business-facing – isn’t driven by a relentless dedication to using whatever’s hot in technology. It’s happening because this service delivery method brings specific advantages: cost, availability and uptime, to name just a few.

According to the Forbes’ 2018 State of the Cloud report, 77% of enterprises have at least one application, or portion of their infrastructure, in the cloud. Many technology-oriented businesses aim to move 100% of services to the cloud. This adoption has been fairly gradual, but it shows little sign of tailing off.

How does a service-based landscape fit with automation?

Traditional automation tools aren’t able to leverage the benefits of the cloud, which is why we took a different approach with RunMyJobs by Redwood® scheduling.

Where inferior alternatives require on-premises installation and significant capex commitments, our customers pay a transparent subscription and cost-per-usage fee – and nothing else. There are no additional infrastructure costs or personnel required to manage that infrastructure. Cloud delivery means that there are no added system or database maintenance costs as well as no need to manage application upgrades, fixes or patches. This method also eliminates downtime.

The real world

Take Whitbread, for example. A multinational organization with more than 50,000 employees that supports thousands of hotels and restaurants around the world. Since moving to RunMyJobs by Redwood scheduling the company now automates 1.3 million business-critical file transfers across 800 servers per month. Its IT team has converted 8,000 jobs into just 100. All now run in a more organized and fully documented way.

They made the switch to cloud delivery with no downtime, no added hardware costs and no interruption to their business.

The power of simplicity

RunMyJobs by Redwood scheduling is designed to be used by the typical IT user, not a specialist. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop process interface and centralized dashboard. That means there’s no compound complexity in scaling operations up, when that time comes. And there’s no reliance on institutional knowledge of complex software packages.

Cloud, in the consumer world, is a shorthand for accessibility, ease-of-use, predictability and reliability. You should be expecting exactly the same from your automation solution. And if you can’t, you should talk to us.

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