Modern marketing strategies hinge on personalization, as consumers expect tailored experiences that cater to their specific needs and preferences. From personalized product recommendations to customized email campaigns, marketing teams strive to deliver those personalized interactions that resonate with their target audience.

However, achieving personalization at scale presents significant challenges for marketing and sales teams. Time-consuming manual processes eat into efficiency as customer data grows more extensive and customer segments become more diverse. This is where marketing automation becomes a total game-changer.

And by and large, most businesses have adopted marketing automation tools for email marketing, cart abandonment, customer re-engagement, customer experience, social media, lead nurturing workflows, CRMs (customer relationship management), and even customer onboarding. However, connecting all of these tools to streamline efficiencies and maximize personalization is the next frontier of marketing automation workflows. Let’s investigate how your business can harness modern marketing workflow automation to build a cohesive customer journey, increase retention, and work efficiently and effectively at scale.

Common Obstacles to Scaling Personalization

Personalization increases customer engagement, improves conversions and shortens the sales funnel, and increases customer satisfaction. So what’s holding businesses back from delivering tailored, relevant content and experiences to a large audience without sacrificing quality and efficiency?

Data Management and Quality

Personalization relies on accurate, up-to-date customer data. On one hand, companies can struggle to get enough data (or have to pay large amounts of money) for accurate lead scoring. On the other hand, every department in the organization gathers more data every day, and managing such large volumes of data from multiple sources can be challenging to validate and integrate.

A tool like Redwood RunMyJobs has the flexibility to connect to any tech stack, ensuring every tool and automation platform across your organization connects to one central dashboard seamlessly.

Scalability Constraints

As the customer base of new customers, existing customers, and potential customers grows, manual personalization across a series of emails is time-consuming and error-prone. Sales reps cannot be expected to manually follow up on form submissions and implement conversion-focused drip campaigns for every possible lead. They simply don’t have the time or resources.

A workflow automation tool like Redwood RunMyJobs instead enables IT teams and business users to easily build automation with a drag-and-drop visual process editor and an extensive library of templates. It’s easy to customize workflows, including inputting data from lead generation events, automatically initiating marketing campaigns, alerting a sales rep when the lead is warm, and handing off a new customer to account management or customer support.

And with RunMyJobs’ high availability solution, scalability will never be an issue.

Fragmented Customer Touchpoints

Customers interact with companies across multiple channels and touchpoints. They might be on the marketing team email list to receive updates and information but may deal with customer support whenever they have an issue or are engaged in upsell or cross-sell efforts.

To ensure a personalized, consistent experience across every touchpoint, it’s important that marketing automation software like Hubspot also communicates and works with customer service software so new customers can be automatically assigned to the correct support or account management rep.

RunMyJobs can help teams identify important triggers to initiate marketing workflows. Here’s an automation example of how RunMyJobs could help an organization execute end-to-end personalized customer workflows:

  • A new lead is added to the CRM following a webinar lead generation event. This triggers an email marketing campaign to turn them into a warm lead.
  • If they click on a pricing-oriented link from an email within a certain amount of time, a sales rep receives a notification of a lead to follow up with manually.
  • When the lead becomes a customer, there are multiple potential triggers across their lifecycle:
    • If the customer has not made an ecommerce purchase or engaged in a long time, they are moved into a re-engagement workflow.
    • When the customer buys a new product or leaves a positive review, they are put into an upsell workflow.
    • If the customer subscribes to SMS notifications, they receive a special coupon code.
    • When the customer adds something to their cart but does not purchase it, they receive a cart-abandonment email.

RunMyJobs can automate all of that, across each platform and SaaS tool. Such tight-knit, cross-channel integration ensures a consistent, personalized experience that will increase conversion rates and bolster retention.Personalized workflows are crucial to the seamless customer experience necessary for modern business. From welcome emails to metrics reporting, RunMyJobs is a tool that can optimize every automation tool to work together, eliminate repetitive tasks, and take email marketing workflows to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of marketing workflow automation?

Marketing workflow automation benefits every area of an organization, not just marketing. Within marketing, automation can fortify content marketing efforts by interacting with new subscribers in personal, tailored ways. Such automation can handle every trigger in every workflow from the moment a new visitor hits a landing page to the re-engagement emails they need a year after becoming a customer. Marketing workflow automation tools like RunMyJobs can also help your IT teams work more productively. The easy-to-use low-code interface enables business users to helm workflow creation without help or approvals needed from IT.

Discover the countless additional benefits Redwood RunMyJobs can bring by automating marketing workflows.

Does marketing workflow automation with Redwood require me to obtain new tools?

No. Redwood RunMyJobs works with your existing tech stack and IT environments. Whether you use Hubspot or Salesforce, Oracle or SAP, Windows or UNIX, or all of the above, RunMyJobs will integrate with your SaaS solutions and legacy systems. This ensures your teams don’t lose any time learning new tools and guarantees you don’t lose any data to complicated migrations.

Learn how Redwood allows you to automate anything anywhere—no limitations.

Even though Redwood is a workload automation software, will it still work with my email marketing automation tools?

Yes. Redwood does not replace your email marketing automation tools but does integrate and work with them. RunMyJobs is built not just for IT processes and job scheduling but for critical business process automation, of which marketing is a key aspect.

Explore how Redwood’s event-driven process automation orchestrates business processes for real-time results.