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Attempting to roll out any new process or software across a business is always a challenge, but it’s one that can lead to a misguided disillusionment with automation if you don’t collaborate and work together.

It isn’t just about identifying the right processes and tasks suitable for being handled by workload automation (WLA) technology such as RunMyJobs by Redwood® scheduling – it’s also getting the entire company on board with the plans. It’s about ensuring that departments don’t operate in disconnected siloes of information. And it’s about establishing shared accountability for each project from the right parts of the organization.

Failure to do these things can lead to delays, increased costs or the entire failure of a project. Indeed, it regularly does.

Why process automation projects fail

There are a multitude of different reasons why any one specific project might prove unsuccessful, but a lack of communication can be a key contributor.

What often happens is business leaders decide they need x, y, and z information, which then takes other people in the department hours to gather, prepare and deliver.

Based on this information, decisions are made about changes to processes, which are then passed across to IT… which collectively shakes its head at the list of expectations, and how they’re supposed to be implemented. A slightly modified set of instructions is then kicked across to developers and the wider company.

Clearly, when different expectations or goals are set within each department, no one is going to be happy with the end result, and the process itself is likely to be more difficult than necessary.

What if business and IT groups could get together at the start of this process, with a shared view of success that cuts through silos? In the past, we’ve stressed the importance of transparency and visibility as core pillars of all our software – and the difference that it can make to have proper oversight and accountability for every stage of a process or task.

RunMyJobs technology is designed to provide process visibility that translates between departments within IT and the business—right from the start. Our user experience includes simplified and direct views of process chains that bridges gaps between different groups and enables collaboration.

Not only can automation remove much of the tedious manual work involved in core business and IT processes – the data collection, assimilation and report generation, for example – but, with Redwood, it can also provide the visibility that ensures that both business and IT are fully aligned as they work on a project.

That way, no one ends up disappointed.

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