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‘Praemonitus, praemunitus’, or for anyone without a knowledge of Latin proverbs, the more familiar ‘forewarned is forearmed’, originated as an expression used in the military to mean that knowing about problems in advance allows you to better plan for them.

It might seem a little obvious to state that having more information to hand is generally a good thing for a business, but it’s essential for efficient automation, regardless of the scale of deployment.

Imagine you have a complex billing process running that’s delaying revenue to the company. Not knowing if invoices have been generated and issued, if errors have occurred, or how long it’ll be before the entire process is complete delays the reporting, governance and other dependent tasks that rely on accurate billing information.

A dashboard that can quickly tell you whether expired contracts have been processed, whether invoices have been paid and how long it will be until any remaining tasks are complete provides far more value to the business as a whole than the simple value of the human time saved by automation.

For example, not only can error-prone or slow automated processes directly impact month-end reporting, but also on indirect factors such as shareholder confidence or stock performance. Therefore, the value of the visibility provided by the automation dashboard supports the entire business.

However, you can’t give everyone unfettered access to everything. You also need baked-in governance controls to provide role-based access – as well as to define rules and structures, and create audit trails automatically. And not only does a centralized control point provide convenient access to key information, it also reduces the costs that would normally be associated with manually executing non-value adding processes, by automating up to 100% of tasks that make up each process.

This all just sounded like a common-sense approach for efficient process automation, which is why we built RunMyJobs™ with the principle of visibility running throughout your business environment.

Automation that provides at-a-glance information into when processes will end, full audit logs and granular user control are solutions developed with the concept of visibility at their core.

To see how RunMyJobs can put you back in control of your businesses process automation tasks, get in touch today.

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