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We’ve talked a lot about the benefits – easy implementation, scalability, flexibility, efficiency – of switching to a modern SaaS-based workload automation solution and how RunMyJobs by Redwood® scheduling can maximize these benefits.

Now these benefits have been recognized by independent experts as well: Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) has named Redwood as Value Leader and RunMyJobs as the Best workload automation SaaS Solution in its 2019 EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation report.

According to EMA, RunMyJobs is the best WLA SaaS offering available because it is the only such solution that is ”purpose-built for that delivery model”.

Legacy workload automation tools that are simply lifted and shifted to the cloud may become cheaper to run but they retain their inherent limitations.

RunMyJobs overcomes those limitations of legacy workload automation solutions. It takes advantage of the attributes of cloud architecture to cut across silos and provide the kind of coordinated approach to processes your business needs.

It supports unique business logic so processes work in concert with each other. In this way, it avoids the accumulation of workarounds (or technical debt) that multiple legacy schedulers bring and overcomes the limitations of ‘new day’ scheduling.

As EMA president and COO Dan Twing explains: “Since it’s built from the ground up for the cloud it’s easy to use RunMyJobs to integrate applications seamlessly into next-generation operating models while covering transitional needs today.”

With no need for workarounds or multiple tools, the EMA Radar report also cites the ability of RunMyJobs “to provide simplified operational management at a low total cost of ownership”.

This low TCO is demonstrated by chipset manufacturer AMD, which has saved $200,000 on on-premises data center costs each year by using RunMyJobs to integrate automated processes across its SAP® environment, as well as other areas including shipping, payroll, enterprise data warehouse, managed file transfer and cloud applications.

As for the abilities of RunMyJobs, “there’s no end to what’s possible”, according to Bhanu Pratap Singh, an IT Architecture manager at AMD.

Don’t let the transformation potential of moving to the cloud be limited by legacy job scheduling tools. RunMyJobs provides the benefits of modern workload automation combined with the power of the cloud. All of which makes migrating to Redwood a no brainer.

RunMyJobs®, the world’s only enterprise workload automation as a service solution. Read the 2019 EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation (WLA) to find out more about why RunMyJobs by Redwood is the only solution to use.

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Devin Gharibian-Saki

Devin Gharibian-Saki brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on enterprise IT, the SAP ecosystem and business process automation to his current role as SVP of Business Development and Strategy at Redwood Software. Experience within product marketing, product management and enterprise software sales enables Devin to drive strategic initiatives and alliances for the organization and unlock new business models and go-to-market strategies. Acting as an executive advocate for the customer, Devin is passionate about delivering the best solutions to make the most out of a customer’s environment. His approach centers on connecting with customers, prospects and partners to better understand how Redwood can help their digital transformation initiatives, improving their automation roadmaps by leveraging a combination of his SAP and process optimization proficiencies.

Prior to working for Redwood, Devin was an SAP Technology Consultant, working directly at SAP and at EnBW, the 3rd latest utility in Germany. Devin holds a diploma in Mathematics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany and as well as two patents.