Enhance your SAP monitoring with RunMyJobs

Get continuous monitoring both inside and out of SAP environments with SAP’s #1 recommended job scheduler.

See why people choose RunMyJobs to improve their SAP monitoring

RunMyJobs allows you to see and manage all processes and dependencies in real-time

  • Continuous monitoring

    Monitor every process from a single pane of glass while receiving real-time status updates.

  • End-to-end orchestration

    Automate mission-critical business processes end-to-end in both SAP and non-SAP environments.

  • Clean core with full stack automation

    With pre-built connectors for SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions, maintaining a clean core is easy—no need for customization.

  • Flexible and future-proof

    Connect your tech stack today and in the future across any SAP or non-SAP system, app or environment, on-prem or in the cloud/hybrid.

  • SaaS built for hybrid cloud

    Experience the highest level of performance, reliability and security with 99.95% uptime and single tenant architecture. Access SAP, other applications and web services directly through TLS 1.2+ encrypted, agentless connections.

  • Trusted SAP partner for 20 years

    RunMyJobs is SAP’s job scheduling partner of choice for over two decades and holds the most SAP certifications ensuring a seamless integration.

Understanding SAP Monitoring

SAP monitoring involves overseeing the performance and availability of SAP environments to ensure they are running optimally and efficiently. 

The goal is to detect and resolve issues before they impact business processes. Here’s a breakdown of what SAP monitoring typically involves:

SAP only enables users to see what’s happening inside the SAP application. if there are other systems integrated businesses won’t be able to monitor those within SAP. 

RunMyJobs offers specialized monitoring tools and capabilities that complement what’s provided by SAP’s own tools.

Optimize your SAP system monitoring

RunMyJobs enhances the observability of an SAP environment by providing advanced capabilities beyond those available in standard SAP monitoring tools.

Comprehensive monitoring: Monitor every process and receive real-time status updates for both SAP and non-SAP systems. 

Advanced notification systems: Set customizable thresholds for different metrics, and receive immediate notifications. This enables quick response times to potential issues, minimizing downtime and improving the user experience.

Integration: RunMyJobs offers a clean core approach with pre-built connectors for SAP systems, allowing you to automate your mission-critical business processes within your SAP and non-SAP environments without customization or coding required.

Enhanced observability for on-premise and cloud environments: No matter if you are using an on-premise or cloud-based SAP environment, you’ll have observability into the entire landscape, supporting SAP’s transition to cloud and hybrid models.

Easily integrate with enterprise applications

Get instant access to new SAP integrations and features in the RunMyJobs Connector Catalog, ensuring you always have the latest developments.

A trusted SAP partner for 20+ years, Redwood has achieved the most SAP certifications for job scheduling



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SAP Monitoring FAQs

What is SAP monitoring and why is it important?

SAP monitoring involves tracking the performance, availability, and overall health of SAP systems, like SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), and application servers. It's crucial for ensuring system reliability, optimizing performance, and enhancing user experience.

How does RunMyJobs enhance SAP monitoring?

RunMyJobs monitors every process and provides real-time status updates for both SAP and non-SAP systems. Utilizing SLA predictive automation and alerts for proactive management to correct any process failures in a timely manner and ensures seamless operation across critical business functions.